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r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.

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A subreddit for (almost) anything related to games - video games, board games, card games, etc. (but not sports).

Technology gaming
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A subreddit for sharing those miniature epiphanies you have that highlight the oddities within the familiar.

Inventions Humor/funny Bizarre/Weird
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Ask a science question, get a science answer.

All Futurism
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A place where people can come to learn and share their experiences of doing, building and fixing things on their own.

Embedded Systems Woodworking Smart Home Drones
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From Vintage gadgetry to the latest and greatest, /r/Gadgets is all about discussing, reviewing, and enjoying gadgets.

Inventions Gadgets Technology
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DataIsBeautiful is for visualizations that effectively convey information. Aesthetics are an important part of information visualization, but pretty pictures are not the aim of this subreddit.

Programming Research Computer Science Machine Learning/Deep Learning Big Data/Data Analytics Marketing
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Welcome to r/Futurology, a subreddit devoted to the field of Future(s) Studies and speculation about the development of humanity, technology, and civilization.

Machine Learning/Deep Learning Futurism All
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Subreddit dedicated to the news and discussions about the creation and use of technology and its surrounding issues.

Technology Marketing
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Welcome to the official subreddit of the PC Master Race. In this subreddit, we celebrate and promote the ultimate gaming and working platform. Ascend to a level that respects your eyes, your wallet, your mind, and your heart. Ascend to... the PC Master Race.

Gadgets Computer Hardware
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The largest PlayStation 4 community on the internet. Your hub for everything related to PS4 including games, news, reviews, discussion, questions, videos, and screenshots.

Platforms gaming Technology
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/r/photography is a place to politely discuss the tools, technique and culture of photography. This is not a good place to simply share cool photos or promote your work, but rather a place to discuss photography as an art and post things that would be of interest to other photographers.

Photo Gear
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Planning on building a computer but need some advice? This is the place to ask! /r/buildapc is a community-driven subreddit dedicated to custom PC assembly. Anyone is welcome to seek the input of our helpful community as they piece together their desktop.

Computer Hardware Technology Embedded Systems
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Computer Programming

Computer Science Embedded Systems Technology Programming
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Reddit’s corner for iPhone lovers (or those who mildly enjoy it...)

Cell Phones/Mobile Phones Gadgets Technology
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Your one source for all things Xbox on Reddit!

Technology Platforms gaming
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The goal of /r/Games is to provide a place for informative and interesting gaming content and discussions. Submissions should be for the purpose of informing or initiating a discussion, not just with the goal of entertaining viewers. Memes, comics, funny screenshots, arts-and-crafts, etc. will be removed.

Non-Specific Roleplay Games gaming Video Games Technology
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A subreddit for PC gaming news and discussion!

gaming Platforms Technology
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An unofficial community to discuss Apple devices and software, including news, rumors, opinions and analysis pertaining to the company located at One Apple Park Way.

Technology Gadgets
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A subreddit for discussing the Raspberry Pi ARM computer and all things related to it.

Computer Science / Engineering Electrical Programming Robotics Computer Science Embedded Systems
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A subreddit for reddit users' battlestation pictures.

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Android news, reviews, tips, and discussions about rooting, tutorials, and apps. Generic discussion about phones/tablets is allowed, but technical-support, upgrade related questions or buy/sell posts, app recommendations and carrier-related issues should be asked in their respective subreddits!

Gadgets Computer Science Embedded Systems Operating Systems/OS/MacOS Technology Programming
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A community for all things relating to Apple's Macintosh line of computers.

Computer Science Technology Programming
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YoutubeHaiku: A place to share the best videos UNDER 30 seconds! Videos 14 seconds and under are known as Haiku videos and 15-30 seconds are Poetry! You can also share Meme videos up to 30 seconds long under the appropriate [Meme] tag!

Social Media GIFs and Videos General Bizarre/Weird
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A subreddit for all questions related to programming in any language.

Computer Science Robotics Technology Programming Web Development/webdev Computer Science / Engineering
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A Reddit community for news, discussion, and stories about Nintendo. See r/CasualNintendo for Nintendo fan art, remixes, jokes and memes.

gaming Technology Companies
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The goal of /r/hardware is a place for quality hardware news, reviews, and intelligent discussion.

Gadgets Computer Hardware Technology Embedded Systems Semiconductors
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Machine Learning/Deep Learning Industrial Python Futurism Computer Science / Engineering AI Programming Robotics Computer Science
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r/NASA is for anything related to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; the latest news, events, current and future missions, and more.

Space Sciences Futurism
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A subreddit dedicated to hacking and hackers. Constructive collaboration and learning about exploits, industry standards, grey and white hat hacking, new hardware and software hacking technology, sharing ideas and suggestions for small business and personal security.

Encryption CyberSecurity/Network Security Hacking
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The aim of /r/Physics is to build a subreddit frequented by physicists, scientists, and those with a passion for physics. Papers from physics journals (free or otherwise) are encouraged. Posts should be pertinent, meme-free, and generate a discussion about physics. Please report trolls and incorrect/misleading comments.

Futurism Physics
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Reddit's home for discussing the music-making process - writing, composing, recording, live performance, mixing, mastering, and more!

Audio Equipment Community Singing/Vocals
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Computer Science
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r/audiophile is a subreddit for the pursuit of quality audio reproduction of all forms, budgets, and sizes of speakers. Our primary goal is insightful discussion of equipment, sources, music, and audio concepts.

Audio Equipment Community
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All about the 𝚓𝚊𝚟𝚊𝚜𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚙𝚝 programming language!

Reactjs/React.js Programming Javascript Web Development/webdev Computer Science
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Dedicated to humor and jokes relating to programmers and programming.

Programming Web Development/webdev Computer Science
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Stumped on a Tech problem? Ask the tech support reddit, and try to help others with their problems as well. Be sure to check out the Discord server, too! https://discord.gg/2EDwzWa

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Computer Science Theory and Application. We share and discuss any content that computer scientists find interesting. People from all walks of life welcome, including hackers, hobbyists, professionals, and academics.

Computer Science / Engineering Programming AI Technology Computer Science Embedded Systems
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Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good? Have you ever had just enough money for an indie game but didn't know whether it was worth buying? Have you ever asked yourself, "Should I buy this game?"

Non-Specific Technology
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Film photography subreddit. Ask anything about analog photography, share photos, discuss techniques, gear or famous photographers.

Photo Gear
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poke fun at nasty software

Programming Computer Science Technology
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A place to post tools which were created for a specific purpose. Doesn't necessarily have to be *one* purpose.

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The original and largest Tesla community on Reddit! An unofficial forum of owners and enthusiasts. See r/TeslaLounge for laid back discussion, and more photos! Tesla (formerly Tesla Motors) is an energy + technology company based in Palo Alto, California. Their mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. They produce electric vehicles (with a heavy focus on autonomy), batteries, and energy/solar products for the grid.

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The intersection of technology, privacy, and freedom in a digital world.

Hacking Privacy Encryption Activism and Reform
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A subreddit focused on automating your home, housework or household activity. Sensors, switches, cameras, locks, etc. Any automation questions/discussions are welcome!

Smart Home Gadgets General
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A subreddit for members of the Steam Community.

gaming Platforms Technology
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Reddit's source for news, pictures, reviews, videos, community insight, & anything related to Nintendo's 8th-generation console, the Wii U.

Platforms gaming Technology
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Welcome to r/SpaceX, the premier SpaceX discussion community and the largest fan-run board on the American aerospace company SpaceX. We recommend using r/SpaceX with Old Reddit. This board is not an official outlet for SpaceX information.

Aerospace Space Sciences Futurism
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The place to discuss all stuff related to the Nintendo 3DS™ family!

gaming Platforms Technology
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A community of individuals who seek to solve problems, network professionally, collaborate on projects, and make the world a better place. Be professional, humble, and open to new ideas. Our community supports side hustles, small businesses, venture-backed startups, lemonade stands, 1-person-grinds, and most forms of revenue generation! However, no one cares about your blog. Please do not come here to self-promote your consulting, book, podcast, MLM, website, dropshipping guide, or $$$ scheme.

Digital Nomads Marketing Sales/Selling Business/Entrepreneurship/Startups Weblogs/Blogging Social Media ecommerce Funding/Accelerators