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Funny, animated GIFs: Your favorite computer file type! Officially pronounced with a hard "J"

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Give a man a gif and he will meme all day, teach a man to REACT and he will be as a GOD

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A collection of Perfectly Looped animated .gifs and html5 videos.

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A subreddit for gifs put together in a relevant manner.

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A place for funny, interesting, & animated SFW gifs and videos (mp4's.)

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For gifs that are creepily broken.

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Some gifs are just born with a lack of oxygen.

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Links to amusing, interesting, or funny .gifs from the web! .gif format submissions only, please! Except all of the gifs are in reverse

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Those GIF's you don't Feel comfortable about...The ones that the longer they stretch on the faster your heart beats, your blood prEssure rises, and your pupils dilate as you're consumed by the anticipation of fear. Will you screAm or will you freeze? Still images may be creepy by when it moves, crawls, reaches, or grabs that's when the true nightmaRe begins.

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Redditors helping other Redditors to create gifs.

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r/Gif_Finder is a subreddit dedicated to the finding of gifs. Gifs are very short videos that repeatedly loop. If you want to use a gif that you have seen before, make a new post here. In your post, describe it, and either someone will find it for you, or they will make one.