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A community for chemists and those who love chemistry

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A subreddit showcasing the complexity of those lovely little atoms, as well as other interesting science topics in gif form.

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All things Chemical Engineering!

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Post your questions about chemistry, whether they're school related or just out of general interest. Please do not post entire problem sets or questions that you haven't attempted to answer yourself. Also please don't use this sub to cheat on your exams!! This is apparently a thing now that people are writing exams from home.

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A subreddit for building your own lab at home and doing chemistry in it.

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This sub-reddit was created to give and receive help with any questions on the complex world of chemistry.

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Discussion for teachers of AP Chemistry, and help for students of AP Chemistry.

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Subreddit - Dopamine. News, articles, discussion, studies about dopamine and other neurotransmitters.

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Come one, come all! /r/APChem encourages contribution and questions from anyone interested in chemistry, not just those in an AP course.

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This sub is dedicated for those who collect elements from the Periodic Table, and people who love to share their pictures, stories, etc.! So come on and join!

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This is for people who want to teach/learn chemistry. Anything from basic chem 101, organic chem, to even more advanced chemistry

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This subreddit is dedicated to the fascinating world of chemistry; be it through videos of chemical reactions and experiments or pics depicting the beauty of chemistry.

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Listings/help/advice/direction and a forum for all things related to employment in chemistry related fields. The goal of this sub is to help anyone with a background in chemistry towards gainful employment.

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All things related to Analytical Science and Chemistry

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This subreddit is mainly for Chemistry of all things! Elements, information, questions about Chemistry and etc.

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Easy to understand graphics exploring everyday chemistry and beyond! New graphics automatically posted by /u/compoundinterestbot (bot created by /u/notcompoundchem).

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For those who believe there is much to be discovered in the fascinating field of chemistry.

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This subreddit is just for anything that relates to the General Chemistry class on UReddit. Videos will be linked here when they are posted to Youtube, and any non-private clarification questions can be posted as self-posts.

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Green chemistry, also called sustainable chemistry, is a philosophy of chemical research and engineering that encourages the design of products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances.

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This subreddit is for those people out in the world who just LOOOVE the study of AP Chemistry! If you consider yourself a "Chemist", join us here! Fun discussions, intriguing topics, and plenty of dank chemistry puns AND memes!

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Free (legal) chemistry books!

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A TL;DR look into where the world of chemistry and medicine collide, followed by a more detailed discussion.