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The interdisciplinary study of the mind and intelligence, embracing philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology.

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A storehouse of linguistic, archaeological, cultural and biological anthropology information.

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The social sciences comprise academic disciplines concerned with the study of the social life of human groups and individuals including anthropology, communication studies, economics, human geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology.

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Ruins and evolution are fascinating, but welcome to the home for all things cultural anthropology. All corners of the earth welcome, all paradigms accepted.

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Another member of an interconnected network of academic subreddits - this dedicated to sociology and its subfields, and other disciplines of relevance: from social psychology to gender studies, social anthropology to sociobiology.

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Paleoanthropology (paleontology + physical anthropology) is the study of ancient humans as found in fossil hominid evidence such as petrifacted bones and footprints.

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Subreddit community for the anthropology of digital, virtual, and cyber communities, and the wider impact of technology on culture.

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This subreddit is for those interested in the sub-field of anthropology which focuses on the biological and evolutionary aspects of humans. This generally includes Paleoanthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Evolutionary & Biological Anthropology, Primatology, &c...

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Bioarchaeology is the study of human remains in archaeological assemblages. We overlap and are closely related to a range of other disciplines: osteology, paleopathology, forensic anthropology/archaeology, dental anthropology, zooarchaeology, taxidermy/skeletal specimen preparation and so on. This page is a place for those of us who share an interest in the various fields to exchange ideas, articles and research.

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Techno-Anthropology is for the person who wants to make a difference globally by contributing to the development of sustainable and ethical, new technologies by applying the theories and methods of anthropology, and who wants to study and influence the development, decision-making and uses of science and technology.

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Medical Anthropology is a subfield of anthropology that explores the intersections of health, illness and culture. Medical anthropologists are interested in how illnesses spread across populations, cultural practices around wellness and disease, and the prevention of illness within a population.

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A forum for discussions about things related to food and culture. How these two categories intersect and reciprocally affect the each others expansion and evolution.

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Medical anthropology studies the frameworks around human illness. This subreddit serves as a forum for discussions about healthcare, law, sociology, philosophy, and economics as they intersect with the human experience of health.

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For those times you've discovered something interesting about another group of people, simply by chance.

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Got anthropology? is an exciting new speakers series based at the University of Toronto. Our goal is to bring the diverse array of research that goes on in Anthropology to members of the local community, in a meaningful and interesting way.