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Current news, information and issues related to the environment.

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Geopolitics is focused on the relationship between politics and territory. Through geopolitics we attempt to analyze and predict the actions and decisions of nations, or other forms of political power, by means of their geographical characteristics and location in the world. In a broader sense, geopolitics studies the general relations between countries on a global scale. Here we analyse local events in terms of the bigger, global picture.

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/r/WeatherGifs is a sub for gifs and videos of all naturally-occurring meteorological phenomena.

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Sustainability is the ability of system to endure. While most people associate the term with the environment, true longevity requires social and economical sustainability as well as ecological sustainability.

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The scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of the Earth.

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Discussion of places, spaces, maps and processes that shape the world.

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This is a subreddit designed for all sorts of tropical cyclone weather discussion. Though the focus will be on tropical meteorology, it will also be a place for people to stay in touch before, during, and after tropical weather events. People can share their observations, start their own threads that may be location specific, or post in the official threads for each storm. Users will get flair that indicates if they are an approved meteorologist as well as flare for their state.

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A community for truthful science-based news about climate and related politics and activism

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Found a fossil? We probably can figure out what it is! For the paleontology lover that needs help with identification. Brachiopods, dinosaurs, mysteries; they're all welcome here!

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Ecology (from Greek: οἶκος, "house"; -λογία, "study of") is the scientific study of the relations that living organisms have with respect to each other and their biophysical environment.

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This subreddit is for the *scientific discussion* of topics in the environmental sciences, geosciences, and other relevant discipline's; including papers, articles, research, public-policy, and both educational and professional advice.

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This subreddit is for issues relating to Green issues, including (but not limited to) Green Politics. [The Four Pillars](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Pillars_of_the_Green_Party): Ecological Wisdom Social Justice Grassroots Democracy Nonviolence

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Advice, advertisements and other topics relating to any and all jobs in geology; from paleontology to igneous petrology and the energy industry.

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A community for sharing and discussing Conservation Biology. The scientific study of the nature and status of Earth's biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems from extinction.

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Devoted to the science and politics of water: aquifers, dams, hydrology, boundary disputes, peak water, riparian rights, stormwater, groundwater, fish kills, fossil water, and news by the acre-foot.

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Climate change, global warming, atmospheric science, and climatology. This community is a repository for peer-reviewed climate change analysis and expert commentary, including news reports and updated research findings.

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For anyone from professionals to hobbyists. For weather related articles, exciting weather events and sharing our favorite weather stuff. For personalized flair (Graduates, Postgraduates, Postdocs, Experts, Pro forecasters, etc) please contact the mods with some proof.

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A subreddit for anything having to do with Earth Sciences, including geology, geophysics, glaciology, volcanology and more!

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Post anything related to prehistoric fauna and flora, the evolution of life, geology, paleontology, archaeology, and ancient human cultures.

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* Share your fascinating links about aquatic life * Discuss dangers for aquatic environments * Contribute news about oceans, lakes and rivers * Meet other aquatic enthusiasts * Enjoy our functional design including * user flair * links to many related subreddits in the header menu * links to reddit specific information in the header menu

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A subreddit for all things soil, or soil science related.

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Watch and discuss Geography Now's latest videos! Interesting geography related content is also allowed!

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This is an open forum to share news, research, graduate school questions, and any information related to wildlife biology and ecology. Come talk science with us!

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For discussion of deep ecology and how to re-order our civilization to be sustainable and existentially rewarding.

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A place to share information, thoughts and ideas, news, and credible studies and research regarding the science around global climate change. Interdisciplinary research from biology, chemistry, geology and more are all encouraged.

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Open Source Ecology is Network of Farmers, Engineers, and Supporters Building the Global Village Construction Set. The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) is a modular, DIY, low-cost, high-performance platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts.

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The last law of nature says: that any creature that despoils and outbreeds its natural habitat will be culled to bring its number under control and restore a stable environment.

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This is a place for all things geoscience. It's all about earth sciences and systems!

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R/Geotech is for all topics related to geotechnical issues of earth materials. A place for engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, geologic engineering, soil/rock mechanics, deep foundations, landslide and fault hazards, slope stability, and career advice for students and professionals.

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Anything Rainforest related! Ecology, Deforestation, Reforestation, botany, any related environmental science, indiginous rainforest peoples, diary, news, pictures, videos, ya know rainforest stuff!! (especially of the tropical variety)

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A place to get your rocks off.

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If your geology professor or earth science teacher would think it was funny it belongs here.

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A subreddit focusing on AP Human Geography.

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Wetland ecology & conservation Any and all information related to wetlands (e.g., science, ecology, conservation, management, policy, art, photos).

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A reddit focused on geothermal energy and geothermal electricity. All civil discussions aren't just welcome but wanted.

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This community is a place to share and discuss new research in marine science.

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Natural history is the study and contemplation of the natural world around us. Topics can range from biology to geology to meteorology to astronomy... and everything in between. This subreddit is devoted to all aspects of natural history and conservation.

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Hydrogeology (hydro- meaning water, and -geology meaning the study of the Earth) is the area of geology that deals with the distribution and movement of groundwater in the soil and rocks of the Earth's crust (commonly in aquifers).

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Arcology, a portmanteau of architecture and ecology, is a vision of architectural design principles for very densely populated habitats. The term was coined by architect Paolo Soleri and since then the concept has been popularized in architectural circles, the media and science fiction. This subreddit serves to further popularize the idea of arcology by providing a community that shares and discusses arcology-related images, news, architecture competitions, designs, and literature.

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Physical Geography: The study of the natural features of the earth's surface, especially in its current aspects, including land formations, climate, currents, and distribution of flora and fauna.

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