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A place for adorable, blushy, cute, fluffy, gentle, giggly, happy, heartfelt, loving, peaceful, safe, silly yuri.

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This is r/cutelittlefangs, a place for celebrating, well... cute little fangs. We hope you enjoy your time here! This is a subreddit for fans of characters with fangs, such as Tooru from Dragon Maid and Tsuruya from Haruhi Suzumiya.

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r/streetmoe is a subreddit dedicated to the depiction of anime characters in streetwear. Check the rules for important rules on how/what to post!

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Kemonomimi or "animal ears" is where humanoid characters possess animal like features.

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Pictures of anime girls with short hair.

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Anime pouting Join our friends: https://discord.gg/axisorder /r/cutelittlefangs /r/headpats /r/awwnime /r/animememes

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The definitive subreddit for posting glorious smug anime faces.

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Glasses animu