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Gaymers is a community for LGBT and ally redditors. We regularly play multi-player games together, talk about how totally rugged David Hayter is, how sexy Samus is in her zero suit, talk about how we love big Switch sessions, and playing with an XBox all night long.

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"Girl Gamer" -- One of the most controversial and polarizing terms for women who game (and, sure, maybe one of the most cringe). This is a community space for ladies to hang out, talk about gaming, and game together. We also discuss topics around women in geek culture and debrief about experiences that occur as a result of their gender. Folks of all genders and identities are welcome to join discussions here.

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Reddit for everything related to Indie Games

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/r/IndianGaming — For discussions related to the Indian gaming scenario, from videogames in general, how we procure them to how we play them. Pretty much anything in and around videogames and its intersection with India or Indian-ness.

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A fan-made community for the Mindcrack Let's Play brand and community. Find and discuss new Mindcrack videos, fan art, news and lots of hype!

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A subreddit for playing games with other redditors. We encourage you to join our community or talk to a moderator if you have any questions. You can also join our Discord Group and Chat.

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A subreddit dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for mature gamers to gather and discuss, free from the annoyance of Squeakers, trolls and people who don't understand the responsibilities of adults and parents.

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A subreddit to discuss Ultra Hardcore, a gametype within Minecraft. Please go to /r/UHCMatches for scheduled UHC matches.

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We call ourselves, GEnts. -This is a subreddit for Ents who like to play games. -Find other GEnts to game with. -Post your marijuana/trees related game refrences, screenshots, and videos. -Discuss games with other GEnts.

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Subreddit for the Nerd.nu Gaming Community Minecraft Servers. With roots as the oldest existing continuously running Minecraft server it was originally founded as the original Minecraft servers of the Reddit community. Check out http://nerd.nu for more information.

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Where people with disabilities can come for help with controls, mechanics or just general discussion.

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Home of the 1st Reddit Brigade. We focus on cooperative game play in titles like Napoleonic Wars, ArmA, Bannerlord, and others. A 10 year old community still sucking at games and loving every minute of it.

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PURE BATTLEFIELD is a gaming community that aims to provide socially rewarding, community-oriented gaming experiences to the gaming public. We are run "by the players, for the players," and operate our servers with passion and care, striving to provide a fair and awesome experience for our fellow gamers. PURE BATTLEFIELD is a community, not a clan, and all are welcome.

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Hi! Welcome! We're a pretty mellow bunch of gamers! This subreddit is not affiliated with the larger BlackGirlGamers community and we cannot grant you access to their spaces.

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"No Dad should be left alone to game with pubs." https://dadsgaming.com/ We are more of a Brotherhood, playing games with like minded Dads who understand that Family comes first and want to have a fun time playing online games with other Dads. We are always in Discord Chat, so the only kids that you'll be able hear are your own. >> Invites and access to our discord chat server requires a completed registration. <<

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Project Awesome is an inclusive, friendly, online gaming community that host regular events that anyone can join regardless of experience or skill level. What we do is more fun because of the people involved. While the games we play are great, the people make the experience much better. Join us today!

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Founded as the official outfit for /r/Planetside and expanding into new games.

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This is a SFW subreddit for adults that enjoy gaming in their free time. Talk about games, organize game nights, or just connect with other mature adults who share a hobby. Any games are welcome - feel free to talk about your favorite board or tabletop game.

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Clear Backblast! is a reddit based gaming community primarily centered around Arma 3. We play large-scale cooperative games, with some Team vs Team mixed in. We aim to run an open and approachable community, and value having fun overall.

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Diskusija o raznoraznim igrama na našem jeziku. Slobodno postujte sta god zelite o video igarama.

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Official subreddit for all European Guild Wars 2 guilds rolling on Whiteside Ridge.

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Your #1 Reddit stop for all things Chicago gaming, including tournaments, events, meet-ups and more!

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/r/zelda and /r/trees combine to form... /r/zeldents!

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Ce subreddit contient tout ce qui touche des jeux vidéos, de la collection jusqu’aux conversation d’actualité Ce subreddit est bilingue tout comme le Québec. / This subreddit is all about gaming, from the collection to actuality talk.This subreddit is bilingual just like Québec.

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We are a group of redditors that team up and play games together. RDDT started as a way to give redditors who played MW2 together a subreddit in which they could meet up, discuss and play other games.

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A fledgling community of professional drinkers who desire to partake in the fine art of drinking and gaming with other like-minded degenerates. Just kidding, there really isn't anything professional about this.

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An all-encompassing gaming sub. A friendly place for geeky discussion, without the toxicity that can often be found in internet discussions.

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A place for Xbox gamers to get together to discuss games.