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Quoting wikipedia, "Calvin and Hobbes is a daily American comic strip created by cartoonist Bill Watterson that was syndicated from November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995. Commonly cited as "the last great newspaper comic", Calvin and Hobbes has enjoyed broad and enduring popularity, influence, academic and philosophical interest.". This sub celebrates this amazing comic which is filled with imagination and humor. Official site: https://www.calvinandhobbes.com/about-calvin-and-hobbes/

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Simpsons TV Show. The /r/TheSimpsons subreddit is fan base of redditors who love The Simpsons. The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American culture, society and television.

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/r/Cartoons is a place full of discussion for cartoon filled content! Come take part in our community and our many great discussions!

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Welcome to r/Garfield, the premier subreddit for fans of Jim Davis' comic, Garfield, established in 1976. Garfield is printed in nearly 2600 newspapers, but you can find him online at Garfield.com, and comics are officially published at GoComics.com/Garfield

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Peanuts, featuring good ol' Charlie Brown, is one of the most venerated comics of our generation, and possibly all time. Join us in this subreddit for discussion, postings, and everything from security blankets to baseball blowouts.

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Post anything related to the Foxtrot comic strip!

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A Reddit for Everything about Archie Comics! Visit us [HERE](http://www.reddit.com/r/archiecomics)