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A place for the pursuit of physical fitness goals. Please see [the r/Fitness Wiki and FAQ](https://thefitness.wiki) for help with common questions.

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Health, a science-based community to discuss health news and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

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Welcome to r/formcheck! We now have our rules, tips, and resources in one location. Want to know how to get the best form check? Check the wiki! Want to know how to get flair? Check the wiki! Want to learn more about a lift? Yes, check the wiki!

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A good vibes place where anything about running can be posted without fear of being told "It doesn't add to the community". - If you're a runner. - Have something to say that's important/funny/interesting to you. Then it's probably important to the rest of the community too. So fellow lovers of sore feet and legs... come aboard the running train. *Choo Choo*

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This is where we pay homage to the great achievements of the Iron.

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A place for you to post any deals or coupons you come across that others can also utilize to get discounted supplements.

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This subreddit is for people to post pictures of all the different places they go for a run. Woods, cities, event routes are all welcome.

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A place to share all your training and competition videos

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This subreddit is dedicated to guiding people towards where they can get the best quality sporting products and merchandise at the lowest prices.

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Post your favorite fitness videos :)

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The best sales, giveaways, and deals on supplements

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A subreddit dedicated to finding the latest and best deals on any and all fitness related goods: clothes, gear, supplements, you name it. *Please post directly to the item on sale, not to a third party splash page. *Please designate the country of sale at some point in the post title. *No P2P sales. *No blogspam or affiliate links (unless you can offer the community a great deal on products).

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This subreddit is for tracking your workouts. Self-posts only. If you don't want others commenting in your personal blog, please make it clear in your original post. One blog per user please.