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Got lab stories? Experiments gone wrong? PIs gone AWOL? Need help with your experiments? Share your stories!

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For discussion of genetics research (all organisms welcome), case studies/medical genetics, ethical issues, questions for geneticists, etc.

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Talk about your genes and their possible implications! Discord: https://discord.gg/SWSHTZGKQA

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## A subreddit to discuss the intersection of computers and biology. ------ A subreddit dedicated to bioinformatics, computational genomics and systems biology.

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A place to share your heritage, genetic ancestry, and explore the amazing family stories people have to share!

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For discussion of anything CRISPR-related.

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This community is made for those interested in clinical genetics and its implications for human health and well-being. It is aimed at genetic counselors, medical geneticists, laboratory geneticists, and those affected by, or with experience of, genetic conditions/diseases. Please feel free to share knowledge and ideas, network, provide resources to other professionals and laypersons, and discuss subjects that may arise in everyday practice.

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the science of DNA. Not for paternity topics.

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This community is a place to discuss all aspects of genetics and Mycology/Microscopy. All questions and posts pertaining to Mycology and genetics are welcome no matter the species! This community is for educational purposes and there will be absolutely NO SOURCING of anything illegal! Thank you all for making this community a fun one! Mush Luv!🤘🍄

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A place dedicated to genetic genealogy cold cases and technology. A place to update the community and get the latest information.

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This community is for people who are interested in and/or involved with genetic counseling. It's aimed toward pre-genetic counseling students, current students, and genetic counselors.