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News, resources and perspectives pertaining to individuals with disabilities.

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Welcome to /r/Dyslexia... A community for Dyslexic spectrum redditors looking to help one another, or discuss issues related to the learning disability. We are a proud member of the Disability Rights and Neurodiversity Movement.

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Where people with disabilities can come for help with controls, mechanics or just general discussion.

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A place for you to discuss all things related to sexuality and disability, from advice to fetishes.

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A subreddit where anyone is welcome to discuss issues concerning the disabled community.

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This subreddit is a place for people who know of and/or have a learning disability, to talk about experiences and issues; furthermore, ways to get around obstacles with specific learning disabilities, or general learning disabilities.

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Discussing the Ontario disability Support Program, Ontario works, and ways to improve both. Please don't feed the trolls.