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The interdisciplinary study of the mind and intelligence, embracing philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology.

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Information about neuropsychology, neuroanatomy, neurodevelopment, studying neuropsychology, being a neuropsychologist, and related topics. Full-text articles and well-written science journalism write-ups of recent papers are especially encouraged, but of course questions, comments, and general musings are welcome!

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Cognitive Linguistics is a branch of linguistics that focuses on the conceptual structures and cognitive processes that underlie linguistic representation and grammar in language. [wiki:CogLing](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_linguistics)

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A subreddit for discussion of recent findings, methods, and theoretical issues in cognitive neuroscience. Share links to new analysis toolboxes, discuss methodology (stimulus presentation, data collection, analysis, etc), and share the latest findings. Popular science, flamewars/trolling, and and off-topic posts will be deleted. Self-posts asking questions about the brain are allowed.

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Cognitive science or cognitivesci but not CSI. The sciences of cognition or thinking, thought processes, both natural and artificial intelligence/AI seeking to emulate or create thinking as opposed to purely robotic rule/instruction set following.

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That's where the cognitive psychologists meet and discuss the current issues in the area